How it works!


How does it work?

It's that simple: You order online and we deliver the clothes to your preferred address or you pick it up at our shop - for group requests just send us an email or give us a call and you will receive a personalized offer within 24 hours.

How long can I rent the outfit for?

The rental period is 24 hours, usually from noon to noon - variations on request. Maximum rental period is 3 days, we can send an individual offer if you want to rent your outfit for longer than 3 days  or you can buy the goods on rquest.

What happens when someone pours beer over the pants or a button of my Dirndl is torn off?

The rental price includes a basic cleaning of the Lederhosen / Dirndl - You should be able to enjoy yourself while wearing it after all.
However, if heavily soiled and / or damaged, the lessee is liable for the repair or replacement. The maximum amount is the purchasing price of the product, € 199,-- for the Lederhosen and € 179,-- for the Dirndl.

I want to keep my Lederhosen for the entire Oktoberfest, or outfit an entire group - do I get a discount?

When renting multiple pants / Dirndl (for groups of 10 persons or more) we offer a group discount, please contact us for details.

I want to buy the rented Lederhosen / Dirndl, is this possible?

Of course! However, we ask you to clarify with us first - please do not just keep your pants. The rent is then deducted from the purchase price.

How do I know which size fits me best?

A size chart can be found on all product pages.

How much do I have to pay?

You only have to pay for the period in which you are in possession of the Lederhosen or Dirndl. There is no additional charge for the time of shipping (in case you order outside of the Oktoberfest and have it shipped). You will see the shipping- or delivery fees in the checkout area before you pay. If payment is done via credit card we do not require a security deposit. If you pay in cash at our shop we ask for a deposit of € 100,-- per outfit. Here you can find our complete pricelists for rental or to buy.

Delivery Service


If I order the pants for Saturday but the post offices are closed on sundays  - do I have to pay for 2 days?

No you don't. In this case you will only pay the rental fee for  Saturday plus postal fees (within Germany) from € 7.49 each way (Note: during the Oktoberfest a delivery outside of Munich is NOT POSSIBLE).

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver your outfit WORLDWIDE on time to your house, hotel or wherever you need it.

What now?


How do you wear it right?


Is your bodice really tight? Then it's perfect! And don't worry: After the first Maß of beer you will get used to it!

Dirndl blouse

A Dirndl blouse is supposed to show "what a woman has to offer"- so leave the top button open, fold the fabric down and stick it in the top of your bra. The beer tents tend to get pretty warm but you should still keep on the blouse under the Dirndl - It is always worn this way. Otherwise, you will immediately stand-out as a foreigner ("Zuagroaste")!


The aprons's bowrepresents your status: tied on the front left means you are single, tied on the front right means you are married or taken. Tied centered in the back means you are a widow or the waitress, tied centered in the front means virgin or in a more modern interpretation: "Open to everything".


Which shoes go with the Dirndl?
Pumps, ballet flats or sandals are worn most commonly.
You should avoid alpine boots or sneakers!


Most attractive are crochet socks. These are available in different variations and always look cute.

Leather pants (women)

Not every woman feels comfortable in a Dirndl - which is why we offer our leather pants for ladies as well. What goes with it? A blue or pink checkered blouse, of course! With its gentle sidecut it fits perfectly the Bavarian leather pants.

Leather pants (men)

Whether you wear short leather pants (to the knee), or knickerbockers (over the knee) is entirely up to you. However, you should not forget that the knickerbockers are cut close to the legs and are also tied below the knee. So if you have big thighs like a professional soccer player ;-), we recommend the short leather pants for comfort.


Whether you decide on wearing your leather pants with or without suspenders is your decision. They both look good. What doesn't work though is when the suspenders are too loose and hang down!


The brogue is the classic shoe with leather pants. This traditional footwear was originally made only from one piece of leather. It got its name because of its special form which looks like a "Haferl" (a large cup). Only a few shoemakers still produce them this way. We offer classic, simple models of brogues for rent or purchase. Alternatively you can wear a simple black lace-up shoe or hiking boot (Timberland, etc.).

Traditional stockings

An absolute must-have! … can't go without them.

Our size chart can be found here

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