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Traditional, short (kneelength) Lederhosen or knickerbockers with matching suspenders or belt, with high class embroidery and in different colours.
You have never worn a real bavarian Lederhosen before? Try it out and you will be thrilled - a lot of our customers are so convinced that they want to buy the Lederhosen afterwards or at least come back again and again!
The short Lederhosen is more comfortable, offers more legroom and it will feel as if you have worn it all your life no matter if it has the classic suspenders or even more comfortable with a belt.
The Knickerbockers are slightly tighter at the leg and used partly in more formal areas (costume and music associations), but in any case a very traditional outfit, complemented different types of suspenders.

Sizes: 44 - 66

Colors: light brown, medium brown, black

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