Here you will find the most frequently asked questions from our customers. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How does it work?

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Quite simple - you order online and we will deliver the rental costume to your desired address or you can pick it up directly from us - for group requests please send us an email or call us and you will usually receive a personal offer within 24 hours.

How exactly does the rental period work?

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The rental period is 24 hours, usually from noon to noon - deviations by arrangement.
The maximum rental period is 3 days, if you need longer, we will be happy to make you an individual offer or you can also buy the costume by arrangement.

What happens if someone spills beer on my trousers while I'm swaying or if a button on my dirndl comes off?

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The rental price includes basic cleaning of the lederhosen/ dirndl - after all, you should be able to enjoy yourself while wearing them. However, in the event of severe soiling and/or damage, the hirer is liable for repair or replacement. The maximum amount is the retail price of the respective product. € 199,- per lederhosen or € 179,- per dirndl.

We are a group - will it be cheaper then?

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We offer a group discount for the hire of several trousers/dirndls (for groups of 10 or more). Please contact us for this.

I would like to buy the rented leather trousers/the Dirndl, is that possible?

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Of course! But we ask you to make prior arrangements - please do not simply keep the trousers. The rental price will then be credited to the purchase price.

How do I find out which size is right for me?

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You can find our size charts on the respective product pages.

What will it cost me?

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You only have to pay for the duration that you are in possession of the lederhosen or dirndl. No rent is charged for the duration of the postal delivery. You will see the respective shipping or delivery costs in the checkout area before payment.
If you pay by credit card, we do not require a security deposit. If you pay cash in our shop, we charge a deposit of € 100,- per costume in addition to the rental fee.
Here you will find our complete rent - or purchase prices .

If I order the trousers for Saturday and the post office is closed on Sunday - do I have to pay for 2 days?

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No, of course not. In this case, you only pay the rental fee for the Saturday and the postal charges (DHL package) of (each way) from approx. € 7.49 (Attention: Exception during the Oktoberfest - here, shipping outside Munich is POSSIBLE ONLY IN EXCEPTIONAL CASES AND BY AGREEMENT).

Where is the delivery to?

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We will deliver - worldwide - your outfit to your home, hotel or wherever you want it in a timely manner.

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