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You can tell a real DIRNDL by her dress! Basically, less is more!

That's why you won't find any glittery dirndls, black blouses or transparent aprons here!

Traditional costume is traditional costume and not carnival!

There are three classic skirt lengths: long, midi, short!

The shortest skirt length ends just above the knee! Anything shorter is not a Dirndl!

The bodice must feel like it's one size too small when you close it: then it fits!

With every sip of beer it fits even better ...

Off-the-shoulder has nothing to do with traditional costume! A blouse belongs under every sleeveless dirndl!

You can still be revealing: to show what you have, leave the first button open and fold the corners - but please keep the white Dirndl bra invisible ...

With the apron the Dirndl communicates with the Buam!

This is how it works:

Bow tied at the front left = single

Bow tied at the front right = engaged or married - for the Buam: FINGER AWAY!

Ribbon tied in the middle front = former virgin, (modern interpretation rather "open for everything")

Ribbon tied at the back centre = widowed or waitress

Try it out at your own risk!

Please always check the fit of the apron! Messy, slipped, half open = mai, is die bsuffa! (High German: oh, she's drunk!)


This is where opinions differ!

If it's up to the men, with heels, but please without chichi ...

A proper Bavarian evening can be long and dancing on beer benches requires stability, so think a bit practically: the spiked heel helps to step on the feet of annoying female competitors, but unfortunately you are also incapable of fighting faster ...

The classic traditional shoe is coming back into fashion and is worth a try ...

Crocheted traditional stockings, classically in white, are the most beautiful with them - they also keep you warm on the way home if there's no taxi again ...

If a girl in a traditional dirndl still feels dressed up, a pair of women's leather trousers can help!

Less feminine, but in times of equality, absolutely acceptable!

With a white or checked traditional shirt and a smart janker, it also looks super chic!

No pink traditional hot pants please! ... but you won't get them from us anyway!

Size info here!


Lederhosen often accompany a real Bavarian man through life longer than his own wife!

Therefore: the more worn, the more valuable!

You can tell the status of the wearer by the patina and embroidery.

Cheap mass-produced goods are useless and are disdainfully punished by connoisseurs with disregard and the person inside is recognised as a "Zuagroaster"!

You have to choose between short (knee-length) "Kracherten" or Bundlederhosen.

The latter go over the knee, are tighter at the leg and are laced at the bottom - not for professional footballers with strong thighs!

The length is otherwise purely a matter of taste and doesn't reveal any secrets (like the bow for the girls) - if you decide to wear braces: they stay up the whole evening! And the shirt stays in the trousers! Even after the eighth measure!

If in the evening - after the pork knuckle - it starts to pinch: the waistband of the trousers can be tightened in the centre back with the leather straps as required.


Trainers are comfortable, but you don't wear your jogging pants with patent leather shoes, so the Haferl shoe is the only accepted footwear for traditional costume!

They were originally made from a single piece of leather. The name comes from Haferl = cup, because its shape is reminiscent of it.

Always wear lederhosen and Haferl shoes with traditional socks, otherwise it looks funny!

Size info here ...

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